Animal Light Catchers

Animal Light Catchers

from 40.00

Light Catchers to delight your spirit, especially if you favor a particular animal. Adjustable lengths.  CHOOSE FROM (left to right):

#1 Butterfly, golden purple with details of red. Pendant part: 3x6"

#2 SOLD Hummingbird, springtime green acrylic. Pendant part: 6"

#3 Hummingbird, bright cherry red acrylic. Pendant part: 6"

#4 SOLD - Butterfly, deep purple & plum with shades of green & red.            Pendant:3x6"

#5 SOLD Cloisenne articulated Chinese "good luck" fish, copper& white. Pendant part: 4"

#6 Cloisenne articulated fish, plum, blue, green & white. Pendant part: 2+"

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