Letter Openers in Gold & Silver

Letter Openers in Gold & Silver


Letter openers make perfect gifts for those whose style you don't know.  A letter opener is one of those items that you don’t realize you need until you need it immediately! 7+" in length. Can be custom designed upon request which requires a 3 week lead time.   $28 each

CHOOSE FROM (left to right):

#1 SOLD Silver with pewter floral beads

#2 Silver with purple cane glass & mauve crystals

#3 Silver with pewter beads

#4 Silver with matte colors-red, blue, green, teal, black, peach glass beads

#5 Silver with earth tones of plum beige & green lamp work glass beads

#6 Silver with sky blue, teal & mauve lamp work glass beads

#7 Gold with mauve pink on cream polka dot glass beads

#8 Silver with light & dark forest & lime green glass & crystal beads

#9 SOLD Silver with black & white polka dot glass beads

#10 Gold with springtime forest green glass beads

#11 Gold with tangerine orange & blue polka dot glass beads

#12 Gold with deep burnt orange crystals & fluted gold beads

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