“Perfect gift for my elegant yet quirky friend”

Michele's Custom Design Gift Certificate is the way to go!  I gave my friend an M3Collections gift certificate with Michele's email & phone number and told my friend to make contact when convenient. Michele did all the rest. She asked the right questions in order to hand craft and deliver a beautiful piece of artisan jewelry that was perfect for my friend who is elegant yet quirky!

Delores W.S., Atlanta

“Uniquely different”

I have a beautiful collection of Michele's jewelry.  Each piece is uniquely different and I love to pick out the one that best suits my mood that day. Her designs are creative & artistic and range from delicate to bold, gentle to wild.

Margaret S., New York City


I love Michele's jewelry and artwork. Her jewelry brightens my face and her art brightens my home. Both brighten my spirit!

— Jackie H., Los Feliz, CA


“Sun catchers on steroids”

Every holiday season I give M3 Collections Home & Office Arts (especially the Sun Catchers on Steroids) to my office mates, my doctors' assistants, and acquaintances whose personal style I'm not sure of.  They are priced right and make wonderful stocking gifts.

Lynda H., Santa Monica, CA

“I even wear her earrings when I go hiking"

I’m not much of a jewelry person but have purchased several M3 Collections items.  I like simple & easy to wear and she has accommodated my tastes. I even wear her earrings when I go hiking – that’s how comfortable they are. I took several of her bracelets to Europe. They lived on my arm and easily jazzed up my outfits. The same with her earrings, and I received many compliments.

Heidi S.R., Conomo Point, MA



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