Inspired by Hopi Prayer Sticks


These Wishing Sticks are inspired by the Hopi prayer sticks used to focus attention on the needs of the individual who owns it.

Each one is individually crafted. You will find that a particular one is meant for you. Its energy just feels right to you, and you may already have an idea where you want to place it in your home or office, or who you want to give it to.

They are ideal as gifts for those in need of healing prayers and positive thoughts, for weddings, births, birthdays, and as gifts for office & house warmings.

They are very dramatic when encased in a shadow box for full effect, and doing so will also preserve them. They can be custom designed for you or as a gift.

Just tell me what size, colors & details you desire. You may want to add your own good luck charms!

Use their power.  Enjoy their beauty & artistry.

May Angels Surround You & May Your Life Be Blessed !


Morning Sun on Mystic Snow - shadow boxed 33x8x13" - WS2833

Malo'occhio - shadow boxed 22x8x12" - WS2834

Forest Dream -SOLD - sample only

Four Corners - SOLD - sample only

Purple Earth - 58x6x20" - WS2834

For custom wishing sticks, please contact me.